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EFSA has set population reference intakes for vitamin A as part of its review of scientific advice on nutrient intakes. Draft proposals for vitamin E, phosphorus and vitamin B12 is now open for public consultation.
The Panel on Dietetic Products, Nutrition and Allergies (NDA) set daily population reference intakes (PRIs) for vitamin A of:

  • 750 μg for men and 650 μg for women. 
  • 250 to 750 μg for infants and children. 
  • 700 μg for pregnant women, which is higher than the adult PRI to allow for needs of the foetus and the growth of maternal tissues.

Analysis of data in EFSA’s Comprehensive Food Consumption Database and Nutrient Composition Database shows that in the EU average vitamin A intake ranges between 409–651 μg/day for children aged 1 to 3; 607–889 μg/day for children aged 3 to 10; 597–1,078 μg/day for adolescents (10 to 18 years); and 816–1,498 μg/day for adults.
Vitamin A is important for the maintenance of healthy vision, and the growth and integrity o ...

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