Emerging into a Post-Pandemic World


Advisor, United Kingdom


As we emerge into the post-pandemic world, companies are addressing a set of strategic questions about growth, competition and innovation in a changed regulatory and geo-political environment. We draw lessons from the rollout of vaccines over the past 14 months to understand where the industry is headed and how companies can prepare themselves.

As we emerge into the post-pandemic world, companies, industries and governments are re-examining their strategies, driven simultaneously by the lessons of a once-in-a-century pandemic, and the consequences of a once-in-a-generation geo-political realignment.


The shock of covid was as large as they come. Yet, thankfully, the organizations and the systems that run our world proved remarkably resilient. Despite early panic, retail markets did not run out of essentials; despite an unprecedented strain on healthcare workers, hospitals and healthcare systems did not collapse (except in India’s overwhelmed cities during its second wave); despite dire predictions, the world and its organizations adapted with notable flexibility to supply chain strains, labor shortages, work-from-home, and a new set of distanced norms. Yes, too many lives were lost, and the scars linger, but we are emerging with lessons learned.


On the geo-political front, the pandemic was handled differently in different parts of the world, and while the consequences of that will be felt on the political and global spheres for years to come, there are lessons there too. W ...