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Ensuring the consistency and quality of food and beverages with new advancements in Mass Spectrometry


Waters Corporation, 34 Maple Street, Milford, MA 01757, USA
Member of AgroFood industry Hi Tech Scientific Advisory Board

In today's digital age, consumers are bombarded with and have access to an extraordinary amount of information detailing the impact of food on human health. And although the accuracy of these facts and figures may sometimes be dubious, the average consumer's awareness and expectations of the quality and nutritional content of their favourite foods and beverages are certainly higher than ever before. Addressing both the sensitivity these customers have for the composition of foods as well as an increasingly expansive regulatory landscape presents a variety of scientific and operational challenges for manufacturers around the world.

In order to overcome these challenges, food, beverage and ingredient producers must continuously evaluate food testing methods, and adopt those that will enhance laboratory effectiveness. Ensuring long term success in a highly competitive global market requires rapid, reliable and cost-effective, analytical solutions. By employing leading-edge technologies these organizations can more readily verify nutritional and value-added content claims, improve the efficiency of laboratory operations, meet stringent regulatory requirements, and strengthen ...

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