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European plantsfor hyperglycaemia management

EPO srl Istituto Farmochimico Fitoterapico
Via Stadera 19, Milan, 20141, Italy


Diabetes mellitus (DM) is a metabolic disorder affecting 220 million people worldwide (1). The common effect ofDM is hyperglycaemia, due to reduced insulin production (DM type 1) or to insulin resistance (DM type 2). DM type 2 is oneof the fastest growing diseases all over the world, being related with life-style changing (increased sedentary) and unhealthy nutritional habits that result in increased obesity. DM and its complications have a strong economic impact onpeople who suffer from it and impair their quality of life. This article will focus on three plants native to the Mediterraneanarea that have been used for hyperglycaemia management in traditional healing systems.



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