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Eve and the apple: the origin of original sin
Apple comsumption and female sexual quality of life:an intriguing relationship


Department of Urology, Santa Chiara Regional Hospital,
Largo Medaglie d’Oro 9, Trento, Italy


The relationship between food and women’s sexual health is very intriguing. Several authors stated that the daily use of some foods or beverages, such as chocolate or red wine, are associated with a better female sexual quality of life in terms of sexual desire or lubrication. Recently, a national multicenter cross-sectional study suggest a potential relationship between regular daily apple consumption and better sexuality in our young women population, highlighting the role of some phytoestrogen such as phloridzin, a dihydrochalcone glycoside, that is contained under the apple pee. Here, we evaluate the role of daily apple consumption in the female sexual quality of life, by using a narrative review of the current literature.



“[...] and when the woman saw that the tree was good for food, and a delight to the eyes, and to be desired to make one wise, she took of its fruit, and gave it to her husband. And their eyes were open and they were conscious that they had no clothing and they made themselves coats of leaves stitched together” [from the Book of Genesis, 3:6-8] (Figure 1).

Female sexuality is regulated by several anatom ... ...