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Ferric Sodium EDTA: a new opportunity to improve iron status

Akzo Nobel Functional Chemicals B.V.
Stationsstraat 77, P.O. Box 247, Amersfoort, 3800 AE, The Netherlands


In Europe approximately 10 percent of women and children are suffering iron deficiency anaemia. In developing countries this number is significantly higher. One of the key reasons for this continuing problem is the issue of iron bioavailability, i.e.,absorption of iron into the body. Ferric sodium EDTA has been demonstrated to be both safe and effective in reducing iron deficiency, even in inhibitory diets. Additionally, it is relatively “food-friendly” due to the binding of the iron to the EDTA ligand,which prevents two well-known drawbacks of many currently used iron fortificants i.e. metallic taste and teeth staining. In June thisyear the European Commission decided that ferric sodium EDTA of AkzoNobel may be placed on the market for food fortificationpurposes in the European Union. As options to improve iron status of individuals via dietary approaches are quite limited, ferricsodium EDTA could offer a welcome opportunity in our part of the world as well. Applications are foreseen in drinks, condimentsand in flour-based products.


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