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Fifth Symposium on Continuous Flow Reactor Technology for Industrial Applications


Chimica Oggi – Chemistry Today / TKS Publisher

Chimica Oggi-Chemistry Today organized for the fifth consecutive year the symposium on “Continuous Flow Reactor Technology for Industrial Applications” on 11-12 September 2013 in Pisa, Italy, attracting experts from all around the world, including the far away Australia. A keynote lecture and a case study on process intensification opened the agenda which displayed other case studies on catalysis, critical compounds, specialty chemicals and pharmaceuticals. The presentations were interchanged with vendor communications, discussions, companies’ exhibition and poster sessions. Three contemporary workshops were arranged on the morning of the second day to deepen specific topics and allow fruitful exchange of ideas.
Below a summary of the lectures, vendor communications, posters and workshops.

Andrzej Stankiewicz - Delft University of Technology

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