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Du Pont – Find beauty from within. Genencare Osms®


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Description of GENENCARE® OSMS MI

GENENCARE® OSMS MI is myo-inositol and, like GENENCARE® OSMS BA, extracted from sugar beets (Beta vulgaris). 

Inositol exists in 9 stereoisomers: L- and D-chiro, myo-, neo-, scyllo-, muco-, cis-, epi- and allo-inositol, of which the most prominent form, widely occurring in nature, is myo-inositol. GENENCARE® OSMS MI is myo-inositol, and will be referred to as inositol in this article.

GENENCARE OSMS MI is highly purified and suitable for many skin care applications. It is a water-soluble crystalline compound, extracted from non-GM sugar beet, 100% bio-based, Ecocert and Natrue certified.



GENENCARE® OSMS MI and skin moisturization

Polyols like myo-inositol are well-know ... ...

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