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Food Preservation with EDTA Particularly of interest for omega-3 enriched products?

Akzo Nobel Functional Chemicals BV
Amersfoort, the Netherlands


The synthetic food additive EDTA (ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid) has been allowed in the USA since 1964and throughout the entire EU since 1995. With the current rising interest in omega-3 fatty acids and their benefits to health,the need for an effective shelf-life enhancing agent is becoming increasingly more urgent. Of all fatty acids the omega-3’sare most sensitive to deterioration during storage. Of all shelf-life enhancing agents EDTA has been observed to be amongboth the most effective and safest food additives that have ever been introduced. Particularly with respect to preventionof rancidity of food products enriched with omega-3’s, the use of EDTA has been found to be highly advantageous.Regulatory adaptations are discussed that could allow a broader use. In this way we may enjoy an even healthier diet inthe near future through a more appropriate intake of omega-3 fatty acids.


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