Seqens – Formulation of an efficient effervescent powder for Personal Care bath bombs


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Production of tablets

  1. Weigh the components (Table 1). The formula does not contain surfactant (foaming agent) not to impact the effervescence study.
  2. Mix the components thanks to 3D shaker mixer (Picture 1) during 30 minutes to have an homogeneous mix.
  3. Weigh 14g of the mix and produce tablet thanks to a pelletizer (Picture 2) with a compressive strength around 90kN. The weight of the tablet is adjusted according to the palletizer. The weight of a commercial bath bomb is around 200g.


Effervescence tests
The aim of this test is to reproduce the use of the bath bomb inside a bathtub by the consumer:

  1. Fill a 4L beaker (equivalent to a bath ...
  2. ...