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Going digital: the life science industry’s increasing focus on digitalisation


Zenith Technologies, Dublin, Ireland 


In recent years, the life science industry has seen increasing demand to collect, contextualise and find insights from data. Whether this is motivated by compliance with regulations or to improve production processes, it’s clear that there is a real need for effective digital strategies and technologies, and these must be supported by the appropriate expertise.

Jacqueline Hora, global digital and data analytics lead at Zenith Technologies discusses the drive towards digitalisation and using data to improve GMP manufacturing.

In a recent customer survey, Zenith Technologies found that two thirds of people believe that a key driving force for change in life sciences over the next five year is Industry 4.0 - the new tools and processes that enable smart, decentralised production, intelligent factories, integrated IT systems and flexible, automated manufacturing systems. And three quarters of those who thought this plan to invest in this belief and hire the expertise and technology required to drive it forward.

It’s clear that a digital revolution is upon us and Industry 4.0 is overhauling the way the industry thinks and creating processes, practices and services that are completely new. Pharmaceutical manufacturers need to remain competitive in a marketplace where product portfolios are diversifying, innovative start-ups are challenging the status-quo, supply chain partners are becoming more integrated and patients more involved in decisions around their care.

Taking full advantage of Industry 4.0 and implementing the digital approaches that are a central part of it will be the key market differentiator for life scienc ...

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