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Green extraction techniques for high-quality natural products

*Corresponding author
University of Torino, Dipartimento di Scienza e Tecnologia del Farmaco Via Giuria 9, Torino, 10125, Italy


The design of green, efficient and sustainable extraction methods has been a hot research over the lastdecade. Several technologies are available and the best method to use depends on the desired chemical andorganoleptic characteristics of the final product, its commercial value and annual production size. We here present threegreen techniques for the production of high-quality oils, flavours and phytocomplexes which are based our own directexperience and are applicable to any reasonable production scale. These continuous or semi-continuous methods are:cold extraction with modern screw-presses, microwave-assisted distillation and gravity hydrodiffusion and a new flowprocessunder very high power density ultrasound.


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