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High performance 100% bio-based surfactant system


*Corresponding author
1. Croda, Inc., Edison, USA
2. Croda Europe Ltd, East Yorkshire, United Kingdom


Consumer demand for sustainable cleaning products is causing a shift toward the use of bio-based surfactants by consumer product manufacturers. This has led to reduced cleaning performance in some products as formulators have been forced to eliminate traditional ethoxylated non-ionic surfactants and move toward lower performing plant-based materials. However, the recent commercial introduction of bio-based ethylene oxide (from corn based ethanol) in North America, has enabled the production of 100% bio-based ethoxylated non-ionic surfactants. Availability of these materials now allows formulators to reach high sustainability targets without sacrificing cleaning performance.


Consumers of home and personal care products are increasingly demanding more sustainability from their brands. Sustainability claims in products can encompass a wide range of factors, but typically include such features as safe/non-toxic ingredients, sustainably sourced raw materials and production, high bio-based content, and a high degree of renewable/recycled content in the packaging. The growing consumer awareness and demand for sustainable products is a result of several drivers. Social media has heightened awareness of sustainability factors by allowing for the rapid communication of information about consumer products, flagging negative issues about products or highlighting sustainable brands and best practices in the market. In response, producers of consumer products have developed sophisticated social media presences, highlighting their sustainability programs and metrics and heightening consumer awareness even further.

Non-governmental organisations (NGO’s) and eco-certification programs also provide information for consumers seeking third party guidance about sustainability. A growing number of certification ...

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