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Home hygiene Meeting old friends and new challenges


Rhine-Waal University of Applied Sciences, Landwehr 4
Kleve, 47533, Germany


The application of antimicrobial proceduresin the domestic environment is an important part inmaintaining health and well-being of the householdmembers. However, the specifi c risk for infections indifferent areas of the home is often not known to those whoare involved in home care, leading to a situation, wherethe use of antimicrobial products is not focused on theprevention of infections, but is mostly based on traditionsor even prejudices. For example, many consumerssuppose that too much hygiene may even be harmfulto health. On the other hand, the European biocideproducts legislation will have a strong impact on theuse of antimicrobial ingredients and their correspondingconsumer products. This framework has to be dealt withcarefully because there may be underestimated infectionrisks in the domestic environment that require a prudentapplication of cleaning procedures and antimicrobialmeasures at home.