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How can collagen peptides help you meet the latest consumer demands?


Mai Nygaard
Global Director Peptan at Rousselot


Globally, the market for collagen peptides is projected to exceed US $ 800 million by 2020 (1). Increased health awareness within baby boomers and higher incomes in emerging markets are just some of the factors driving this expansion. A growing body of research showing efficacy, paired with consumer proactivity in consulting the internet for  tips on preventative nutrition and increased interest in maintaining overall health and wellness, has been bringing collagen under the spotlight for the past few years. Such growth potential has led increasing numbers of functional foods and nutraceuticals manufacturers to look at collagen peptides as the key ingredients to help them tap into new market opportunities.


Besides the well-known beauty from within segment, collagen peptides are gaining popularity in products with a joint health, healthy aging or sports recovery positioning (2). Increasing consumer awareness of collagen’s role as the main structural protein in the human body, supports the unique positioning of collagen peptides as a key active ingredient to promote musculoskeletal health. Moreover, collagen peptides offer a multiple benefit platform that allows cross-segment consumer appeal. For instance, products targeting consumers in sports nutrition are starting to make appeal to female audiences by offering benefits within a broader wellness context, featuring ingredients such as probiotics, vitamins and collagen peptides for bone and digestive health.


Driven by the ‘beauty from within trend’, the global market for nutricosmetics is projected to reach US $ 7.4 billion by 2020, with Europe and Japan being the major markets worldwide (3). Recent research shows that consumers approaching nutricosmetics tend to prefer products with a natural image (4) and want nutrient in ...

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