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Immunoaffinity challenges of vomitoxin analysis removed with automation Improving sensitivity, safety and workflow with technology


*Corresponding authors
1. Horizon Technology Inc., 16 Northwestern Drive, Salem, NH 03079, USA
2. University of Wisconsin-Madison, Department of Chemistry, 1101 University Avenue, Madison, WI 53706, USA


Requirements for routine mycotoxin testing of food and agriculture products often involves laborious manual sample preparation procedures that are time intensive. Deoxynivalenol, also known as vomitoxin, is a common mycotoxin tested for in the global food supply from unprocessed agriculture crops to processed finished food products. The significant manual sample preparation typically performed has been modified with simple technology to improve upon sample handling safety for the technician, workflow for better laboratory efficiency, and sensitivity for low-level liquid chromatography quantitation.


Deoxynivalenol is a common agriculture mould produced by the fusarium species of fungi (1). Also known as vomitoxin, this mycotoxin has the unique ability to withstand high processing temperatures, challenging suppliers and manufacturers who need to perform quick and routine food safety testing of unprocessed, processed, and consumer wheat products (2). Wheat is an important raw agricultural export commodity for the United States, and according to the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), the USA is the world's largest exporter of wheat (3). Wheat continues to be the most popular agricultural cereal crop and is a dietary staple for 35 percent of the global human population and animals, with deoxynivalenol present in 90 percent of food and feed samples (1, 4).

The economic impact on the food chain as a result of vomitoxin contamination is often overlooked. Consumption of natural deoxynivalenol is widespread in the global animal population, with a major source of contamination a result of this specific mycotoxin present in animal feed (12, 14). The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and DevelopmentĀ indicates that within ...

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