“Insta Undisguised” The dream of invulnerability


IKW, Frankfurt Am Main, Germany


The third in-depth psychological-representative study by Lönneker & Imdahl rheingold salon on behalf of IKW deals with the relationship of Generation Z with Instagram. What is so fascinating for young people about this social media platform that they can hardly imagine a life without Instagram? What role do the perfectly structured posts and the application of cosmetic products play for the self-finding of the young people? Within the framework of the in-depth psychological-representative study these questions were examined in detail. In several group interviews with a total of 24 young people aged between 16 and 22 years and a representative online poll with more than 1,000 young people aged between 14 and 21 years, answers were provided.
We have already learnt from the other IKW youth studies (youth undisguised and selfies undisguised) that young people likewise experience sort of a loss of control on a social and familial level (www.ikw-youthstudy.org). To counter this uncertain basic feeling, young people try to strengthen their self-confidence and regain control over their own life. To this effect, they develop their very own strategies.

What are the concerns and hardships involved in becoming an adult? How do young people deal with typical mood swings during puberty or with burgeoning sexuality?
How do they develop a positive feeling for themselves and self-assurance in their effect on others?
IKW has been dealing with these issues in its series of studies “Youth Undisguised” – now for the third time. In all depth psychological-representative studies, Lönneker & lmdahl rheingold salon conducts the surveys and analyses. At present there is a stock of 100 three-hour long individual psychological interviews as well as information from 3,060 young people, aged between 14 and 22 years, interviewed in an online panel.

The result is a deep insight into the values, concerns, desires, hardships and dreams of Gen Z. A psychogram which explains how differently, compared to their predecessor generations, the young people see and design their world – in particular when their self-esteem and self-presentation in the public is concerned.
The focus of the current study is the relationship of young people with Instagram.
Which psychological significance does the platform have and ...