Is executive recruiting a big issue for young biotechs?



MLS Dr. Max Schnopp AG, Lavaterstrasse, Zürich, Switzerland

I have attended the Bio-Europe Spring in Amsterdam last year and the Labiotech session there highlighted the challenges of getting the key talents critical to the success of young biotechs.

Thomas de Vlaam, CEO of Amylon Therapeutics, was showing the importance of getting the word out, educating the world of your presence, developing your compound and raising funds. Because in many cases, the general public is not even aware of the problem that a biotech start-up is trying to solve. To raise funds, you need to be aware of the culture according to their location, and some companies in Europe start searching for US investors who have more cash. It is also very important to not take too long to make decisions to prevent significant delays anywhere, as pointed out by Shelley Margetson, CEO of Gadeta. When you build a project, you need to see it from the beginning to the end, and to prepare the finish line, which is for biotech companies to get their product on the market.

But building a dream team in hiring the right people is, for Ajan Reginald, CEO of Elixir, the most important things, and all 3 agree: 

it is a challenge fo ...