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Jean-François Hoeffler President at Alsachim and Björn-Thoralf, Erxleben Senior Manager Marketing Europe – Shimadzu Europa


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Shimadzu, the renowned giant in the field of analytical instrumentation,  has announced the 100% acquisition of AlsaChim, one of the leading manufacturers of isotope-labelled compounds, for an undisclosed price. The 20-employee French company, that supplies isotope-labelled compounds to pharma leaders such as Novartis, among others, is the first acquisition by Shimadzu Europe, and it will retain its brand name for now. The stable isotope compounds manufactured by AlsaChim are regularly used as quality controls and reference materials for mass spectrometry analytical application. Thanks to the acquisition, now Shimadzu will be able to introduce complete application kits -including analytical standards- on the market, completing the hardware and software offer of application packages such as the LCMS-triple quadrupole in ...

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