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Spray-drying as alternative isolation technology for peptides


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Lonza, one of the largest providers for Development and Production Services to the Pharmaceutical Industry, is well-known for its custom manufacturing offerings in the Mammalian, Microbial and the Small Molecule fields. What is sometimes overlooked is Lonza’s custom services for peptides and other hybrid products with peptidic structures. Peptides as well as small molecules are treated differently from a regulatory point of view and differ distinctively from non-peptidic small molecules in terms of production, purification, and stability.

Peptides at Lonza have a long history, starting from the integration of UCB Bioproducts into the network of Lonza’s peptide offering. At the former UCB site at Braine, Belgium, peptide production began in 1980. In addition, Lonza produces peptides at our multi-product facility in Visp, Switzerland. These multiple microbial and chem ...