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DSM – Looking good? Feeling good! Sensory modifiers add a new dimension of wellbeing to hybrid color cosmetics

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Hybrid make-up products with holistic benefits enhance consumers’ sense of wellbeing and boost brand loyalty. DSM offers a complete range of ingredients and concepts to formulate make-up that lives up to this promise. Featuring VALVANCETM sensory modifiers for make-up that feels as good as it looks.

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How can brands stand out in a vibrant, fast-changing, color cosmetics market? One way is to add benefits that go beyond transient fashions and add lasting value to products, thus promoting brand loyalty. Hybrid products that protect and care for the face instantly add value to color cosmetics. They help younger consumers achieve the natural-looking beauty they want and minimize the imperfections of more mature skin. Such products make the wearer feel good, as well as looking good – a vital factor in building the confidence and self-esteem that consumers expect from their make-up. 

DSM offers a broad portfolio of blue-light and UV ingredients as well as skincare bioactives and vitamins that add value in terms of protection and care to make-up products. The gold star emulsifier AMPHISOL® and polymers from the TILAMAR