Marine glycobiology to reverse the signs of ageing



LESSONIA, Croas Ar Neizic, 29800 Saint-Thonan, France


A macroalgae-derived extract has been developed for use in cosmetic formulations. Wild-grown luminaria from Iroise sea were sourced to extract and hydrolyse fucoidan compounds. These oligo-fucoidans are then purified in order to keep only the very low molecular weight fractions saturated in sulphur which are the most biologically active. The oligo-fucoidans are known for their potential to regulate inflammation as well as their capacity to stimulate cell metabolism and collagen synthesis, act as biological messengers.
Its invivo efficacy on wrinkles reduction and on skin roughness was evaluated on a panel of 42 female volunteers that applied a cream containing 1,5% of Fucoreversetm on the face, twice a day for 30 days. The reduction of wrinkles depth was measure at the beginning and after 30 days of treatment. The skin presented an average wrinkles reduction of 9,1% after 30 days compared with placebo, so the ant wrinkle efficacy of the marine ingredient was proved.


The marine environment is a rich source of biological and chemical diversity. Interestingly, algae developed adaptive responses to environmental stress (UV, temperature, bacteria, pressure, turbulence…) and thus they are able to produce saccharides or other active molecules. Laminaria seaweeds are one of the most frequent seaweed surviving in the extreme conditions of the Iroise sea, mainly due to their ability to produce and secrete some fucoidans compounds in their cellular walls. FucoreverseTM is a hydrolysed fucoidan extracted from these luminaria. In vitro and in vivo tests show anti-ageing properties.




Cellular communication: the role of glycobiology

For many years the cosmetic industry has focused its attention on peptides and their capacity to attach themselves to cellular receptors, thereby propagating biological messages. Peptides, however, are not the only molecules to have these properties. Certain specific oligosaccharides such as fucose also play a similar role, thus demonstrating alternative ...