Marketing to millennials: best practices in promoting nutraceuticals and functional foods to the influential consumer


Lindsey Carnett
Marketing Maven Public Relations, Inc New York, USA


Millennia is are the key consumer group that established and emerging brands want to target.
Which best practices can they use to promote nutraceuticals and functional foods?

Millennials are the key consumer group that both established and emerging brands want to target. Highly educated and holding immense purchasing power, millennials look to develop loyalty with actively engaged brands that produce quality products.

The U.S. alone has around (1) 80 million millennials, with their buying power worth around $200 billion to the country’s economy. In Europe, the nutraceuticals market is projected (2) to grow at a rate of 5.9%, with France leading the way. After North America and Asia-Pacific, Europe is the third largest market for nutraceuticals.

Millennials are trendsetters. Their buying and social power is shaping the way Gen Z and their peers shop for products and how they digitally engage with brands. Millennials are purchasing the majority of their products online, and are at the forefront of the growth of non-traditional channels to gain information and goods.

Millennials are also independent thinkers, socially minded in their approach in the way in which they connect to others through technology as their preferred lifestyle. They embrace choice and are attracted to product ...