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Marvellenz™ 1000 – Performance from a new angle


By the Fabric & Household Care team at Dupont Industrial Biosciences

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Increasingly, people are leading busier lives and demand convenient lifestyle solutions. They desire detergents that eliminate the need for pre-soaking and deliver a sparkling clean on their tableware and cutlery, fi rst time (see Figure 1).
MARVELLENZ™ 1000 answers this need, delivering an automatic dishwashing cleaning experience that keeps pace with busy lives.
To ensure MARVELLENZ™ 1000 met consumer needs, we evaluated its performance by testing it on new consumer-relevant stains Pasta and Pasta Cheese, in addition to traditional soils like egg yolk and mixed starch.
Through the combined strength of different enzymes, MARVELLENZ™ 1000 gives consumers what they want most from detergents: great performance on the soils of today – for every wash.

Partnering with key test institutes like SGS institute, Fresenius, in Germany, we developed a suita ... ...

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