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Measurement of environmental acceptability film formers


Nascent Technologies Corporation, Lawrenceville Ga, USA


One major aspect of formulation is selection of raw materials. Proper selection not only reflects on the functionality and aesthetics of the product, and ultimately consumer acceptability, but the concept of Product Stewardship is becoming a critical step in new product development process. Product stewardship is the safe and effective management of chemicals throughout their lifecycle. It is not only environmentally responsible; it is increasingly requested by the public and required by governments worldwide (1).


“A global tendency for products considered environmentally renewable, and ecologically obtained led the industry related to personal care formulations to fund the research and the development of personal care/cosmetics containing ingredients from natural resources. Furthermore, consumers are aware of environmental and sustainability issue and, thus not harming the environment represents a key consideration when developing a new cosmetic ingredient” (2).


While the global need to include an examination of both raw materials and finished products relative to product stewardship is unde ...

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