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Meet the companies who are active in the “free-from” market

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In a growing and articulated market such as the “free-from” one, every company involved has its own profile which is unique, since it is the expression of a peculiar approach to the market as well as the result of a scientific research always looking for new, healthier products. Hereafter you will find a brief description of some of these companies, providing the readers with general information about their activity, their philosophy and their products.



BENEO offers a range of functional ingredients with health and technical benefits derived from the natural sources chicory root, sugar beet, rice and wheat. By “connecting nutrition and health”, the company supports food and feed manufacturers to produce healthy and more balanced products.
BENEO ingredients offer food manufacturers routes to develop great-tasting products that are nutritionally optimised with less or no sugar or fat, fibre-enriched or gluten- as well as dairy-free and more. BENEO takes it even further: blood sugar management, w ...

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