Meeting the call for customisation



Global Marketing Manager,
Honeywell Research Chemicals


With lab managers under more pressure to respond to customers’ demands for time saving solutions that enhance production efficiencies, there is a growing need for customised products which get the right results. 
But these kind of tailored solutions sometimes still hold the stigma of a higher price tag, despite the fact that lab managers really enjoy working with customisable products. In this article, Soeren Hoegh, Global Marketing Manager at Honeywell Research Chemicals, delves into the advantages of working with customised chemicals, and how suppliers are keen to support the development of the best possible, personalised solutions, which benefit not only lab managers but an organisation as a whole.


There is a growing demand from labs for customised products, both in terms of bespoke formulations as well as for tailor-made packaging that integrates into their processes. Both can significantly enhance production efficiencies, which helps lab managers to respond to the ever-present demand for time saving and process optimisation.

Having access to high-purity solvents, reagents and buffers produced to exact specifications can help minimise the need for manual blending in the lab and therefore provide health and safety benefits to people directly associated with the work. Finding a supplier that will process a chemical to a level not ordinarily seen in the marketplace not only saves time and therefore money, it also helps to maximize staff welfare.

Moreover, by eliminating the need for manual blending a laboratory can redeploy resources to more value-added activities that help it reach its scientific and technical goals. Labs also benefit from eliminating the waste that can result from formulation errors while at the same time reducing chemical handling, which helps make for a safer working environment.

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