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Mens’ grooming in laundry

I love doing chores! I also enjoy cooking and I iron my pants regularly, but I don’t do laundry. I don’t know why actually, it's just that there's someone else taking care of it at home. So I got very intrigued by a beautiful article by Ellen Byron published in the The Wall Street Journal: “Men Do Laundry Their Way”.
One fact is that many men have been doing laundry ever since. Think about singles and students for instance. However, it is a matter of fact that important social changes occurring and new habits that have emerged in recent years have changed the "who does what" in the house. Habits are changing in the use of personal care products as well. Cosmetics and toiletries for men are an increasing market today, but it hasn't been like that in the past. At the most, men would try their partner's products and would seldom go to buy them. Having cosmetics developed specifically for men today - and having those men buying them - means we've been able to meet customer needs well. The same is happening today with laundry. Companies have identified the new needs and have adapted accordingly to meet them, as reported in the article.



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