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Men’s skin care:wake up and smell the lotion


*Corresponding author
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When it comes to the care and treatment of skin and hair, the differences between men and women don’t stop at the physiological level—there are social, cultural and behavioral differences to consider worldwide. These inter-related differences impact how the skin appears, how it ages and how it responds to environmental factors. Although digital media allows greater social connection across geographic boundaries, men are traditionally slow adopters of more sophisticated cosmetic skincare practices compared to women. Even as the cosmetics industry focuses more attention on male skincare, North American men lag behind men in other countries in embracing new care and treatment options. Here, we examine opportunities to repurpose specific advances in skincare that have been marketed primarily to women by adapting them to male skin and, importantly, to the natural male skincare routine of showering and shaving.


According to Euromonitor (1), while men’s skincare has a global presence, some countries and cultures embrace more sophisticated grooming practices than others. Historically, male skincare has attracted a strong following in Europe, especially in Italy, France and the United Kingdom. In Latin America, fragrance drives men’s cosmetic preferences with 100% using deodorant and 85% of men using body spray or cologne. However, even with widespread media reporting linking sun exposure to increased rates of skin cancer and premature aging, men have been remiss in incorporating sunscreen into their skincare routine with only 18% of men in the US regularly using sunscreen on their face, as opposed to 30% of women (2). The greatest incidence of sunscreen use by men is seen in regions with hotter climates: 48% of men i ... ...

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