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Mind & Competence – Unique combination of micronization services and equipment manufacturing

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With over 40 years of experience, swiss-based Micro-Macinazione S.A. is the most competent provider of Micronization services and equipment for the Pharmaceutical & Fine Chemical industry.

The company is situated on 3 sites, two of them cGMP compliant, dedicated to the micronization service, regularly inspected by FDA, Swiss Medic and certified by Japanese Health Authorities. The two production sites are equipped with 27 jet mills, 2 pin mills, glove boxes and pneumatic conveyors contributing to the highest micronization capacity in Europe of over 1'000 tons/year. In the third site, the Engineering division is dedicated to the supply of standard or fully customized equipment to meet worldwide customers' needs as well as development of equipment used within our micronization division.

Micromacinazione is uniquely positioned as an expert in both micronization and engineering. The synergy between these competences and the R&D division enables us to develop process solutions for micronizing APls a ...

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