Mixfit. Personalized nutrition at your fingertip




Personalized Nutrition became a very hot topic, the moment when everyone in the industry realized that it was the missing part in the understanding of what is one’s precise daily nutritional requirement.  Various attempts were made to define something that was scalable and precise and accurate to determine and satisfy everyone’s nutritional needs. Mixfit, is a personalized nutritional system that is defining and satisfying the daily nutritional needs of every individual. The following article shows  info and numbers collected in the journey from the ideation to the present days by founders Marco Iotti and Reza Zanjani.


Mixfit’s inspiration is grounded in the opportunity to work toward an A-mortal future and this pass through making a lasting impact on health and wellness through product design, data insights, and research across three broad audiences:


  • Consumers - We believe strongly that personalization is not merely a fad or the latest health trend. It is the long-term approach we should take to nutrition and it should be based on the latest science and technology, delivering what each person actually needs when they need it. 
  • Industry - We know that sustainable personalization is not about creating a solution for people to adapt to, but rather a solution that adapts to the individual, in real time. We need to move beyond the point-of-sale data to share insights that will lead to further enhancements in the effective formulation, product creation, and delivery of personalized supplements. 
  • Scientific Community - We have a long-term vision for the contextual data and see the o ...
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