Humens – Nabion®, an effective sustainable builder concerning filming and spotting performances for automatic dishwashing formulations


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Nabion® is an all-in-one and eco-friendly builder. We carried out a study to compare the ability to reduce spotting and filming effects in autodishwashing between sodium citrate, MGDA, Nabion® 15 and Nabion® 26. We found that Nabion® is an efficient alternative to partially replace sodium citrate and MGDA to prevent spotting and filming during autodishwashing cycle.

Nabion® is an all-in-one and eco-friendly builder produced by Novabion (part of Humens group). It is a fully water-soluble mineral powder composed of white granules made from sodium carbonate and sodium silicate. The Nabion® product range was developed for laundry and automatic dishwashing detergents (powder formulations). The range contains two references: Nabion® 15 and Nabion® 26.


Its main advantages are: source of alkalinity with a buffer effect, fully, high and quick solubility, reduction of spotting and filming thanks to high capacity of sequestration of calcium and magnesium ions. Our study focuses on this last property.


Calcium and magnesium ions, naturally present in tap water, are essential for life but are problematic for efficient washing. These ions are responsible for spotting and filming on dishes but also for reducing the performance of surfactants, it is strongly recommended to contain them to limit these negative effects as much as possible.


The tests were carried out at Novabion laboratory under controlled parameters, in standard automatic dishwashers (MIE ...