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Natural alternatives for emulsification using oil technology
An opinion-based analysis of the trends driving ingredient and product development in emulsification technology


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In the cosmetics and personal care industry, there is increasing demand for natural, green and sustainable ingredients. Consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the effect their products can have on the environment and on their skin. These trends are driving ingredient and product development, particularly in the area of emulsifiers. In this article, we will be discussing what these changes in trends and demands mean for the manufacturer and consumer, the chemistry of emulsification; and what natural emulsifier alternatives are available using oil technologies. Article shows author’s opinion of key trends. 


‘Natural’ and ‘Sustainable’ are now more than just buzz words in the personal care industry. There is increasing demand for chemical and product manufacturers to be producing natural ingredients and finished products.
Consumers are becoming more aware of the environmental, social and economic impact of the products they are purchasing. The recent issue of microbeads in aquatic environments is a perfect example of this (1).
The global market for organic personal care products is continuing to grow at an average rate of 10% (2). According to Kline, growing consumer awareness of synthetic chemicals in cosmetic and toiletries, and the desire for truly natural products, will continue to propel the global natural personal care industry. This segment's growth is projected at a CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) of slightly less than 10% through 2019 (3).
Consumers are considering where their product, the ingredients it contains, and the packaging around it has come from, but also how it affects the consumer and their own body.
Many well established ingredients in the market have dropped in popularity due to ...

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