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Floriade 2012, the International Expo that will be taking place in the Dutch city of Venlo from April to October 2012, is an invitation to experience nature not as onlookers but as informed participants. Nature as theatre. Its magic, its beauty. But also its role as the form and substance of our daily life. From the food we eat to the environment we work in, from the greenery we have (or would like to have) in our towns and cities, to the well-being and balance it signifi es for our health. More than 100 countries will be gathering in Venlo for one of the most important events in the international horticultural sector. The Expo will be an opportunity to share the most advanced technologies and production methods and discuss the state of the art in a fi eld that includes biotechnology, renewable energy sources and low-environmental-impact architecture. The “green” dimension is, after all, a key driver for the global economy and the challenge is, and remains, one of achieving sustainable growth in keeping with the cycles and needs of the environment. Italy occupies a prime position in the horticultural sector, in light of its excellence in the fi eld. 2012 will see our country’s fi rst offi cial participation in this event. A debut that will see us play a leading role.

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