ESIG Solvents Award 2019 now open for entries

On 1st February 2019, the European Solvents Industry Group (ESIG) launched the Solvents Award 2019 in order to highlight not only safe but also sustainable use of solvents with respect to health and safety, environmental improvements or product performance or any combination of these. Applications are open to downstream users of solvents, including anyone involved in the distribution, formulation, storage or use of a solvent including their trade associations on the ESIG website at: 2019.

The ESIG Solvents Award is a relaunch of the Product Stewardship Award created in 1999. The Award’s eight editions rewarded companies across Europe for their commitment to improve work habits, reduce the impact of solvent use in all health, safety and environment aspects, enhance product performance, or improve the industry’s reputation amongst young people.

The ESIG Solvents Award 2019 aims at promoting innovative and responsible best practice initiatives to achieve health, safety and environmental ex ...