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Cheese Powders are made from cheese, water and melting salt which are melted, pasteurized and spray-dried. Cheese powder isfound in a wide range of productssuch as ready meals, sauces, soups, desserts, snacks, cakes, biscuits,sauces, in spring rolls, in crisp breadand in the United Kingdom market in popular biscuits. When it comes to the question about thedifferent components of the Cheese Powdersand the features which characterize the odour,taste and fl avour profi les of the individual cheese types Lactosan’s R & D Manager, IngerHansen, immediately responded to the idea of a collaboration with the Department of FoodScience, University of Copenhagen, representedby Professor Ylva Ardo (project leader), post. doc. Camilla Varming, associate professor MikaelAgerlin Petersen and post.doc. Lene TranbergAndersen. Camilla Varming referred: “We started to perform sensory analyses of different kinds ofCheese Powders made from matured cheesesand then compared the sensory characteristicswith the fl avour compounds that we analysed chemically […] The objective was to achieve an identifi cation of fl avour compounds in matured cheeses to use as natural fl avour and taste enhancement, and we succeeded”.

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