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Genevac reports shipping several of its centrifugal evaporator systems to manufacturers of functional foods who are looking to validate their health promotion or disease prevention claims. Functional foods are part of the continuum of products that individuals may consume to improve their health or to help manage a disease. Functional foods include fermented foods with live cultures such as probiotics, natural sweeteners and foods fortified with health-promoting additives such as tea with added ginger which is said to help reduce nausea. Rob Darrington, Product Manager at Genevac commented: "Nutraceuticals and functional foods are intensively researched for their role in maintaining health and preventing diseases. The science behind is growing rapidly not only because of the growing number of new substances or type of novel foods, but also because regulatory bodies require more and more evidence on their efficacy, mode-of-action and safety". To generate accurate analytical results with food and beverage materials careful sample preparation is critical, especially when the analyte of interest is volatile. The proprietary concentration technology in Genevac evaporator systems has been developed with leading analytical laboratories around the world. This, together with proprietary technologies like Dri-Pure® and SampleGenie™ ensure that food and beverage samples are concentrated safely, rapidly, and with a very high degree of reproducibility. Genevac evaporators are increasingly used by researchers seeking to extract functional molecules from natural sources. Typically researchers take a tissue (or micro-organism broth) sample and then perform a primary solvent extraction resulting in a large volume of crude extract. The crude extract then requires concentration, for which the Rocket Evaporator is ideal, before being fractionated to isolate each component. These samples then need to be evaporated before storage or analysis which may require lyophilisation on a Genevac EZ-2 Elite or HT Series Evaporator.


Vermeer is a full, naturally matured cheese with reduced fat and salt and was praised by the jury for its “soft and pure taste?. The International Cheese Contest is held every two years. This year, 2,500 cheeses were tasted in 82 categories. During this 29th International Cheese Contest in Wisconsin (USA), Vermeer, a cheese from the “A Dutch Masterpiece” line, was voted the best cheese in the world. The cheese, produced by FrieslandCampina, is a mature cheese with a full-bodied taste. According to one jury member, the cheese has “a strong body and is soft and smooth in the mouth”. The cheese goes very well with bread, salads and drinks. Piet Nederhoed, plant manager at Steenderen, where the winning cheese is produced, is very happy with the prize: “We’re proud that we make this fantastic cheese. Apart from its full-bodied taste, what makes this cheese so special is the fact that it contains less fat and salt than mature Gouda cheese. Vermeer cheese is matured naturally for 22 weeks to achieve the best possible taste”.

Celsis Rapid Detection has announced the launch of a new RapiScreen Soy Beverage kit, specifically designed for the detection of microbial contamination in soy and nut milks and similar beverage products as the company refers. Celsis explains that the RapiScreen Soy Beverage kit provides beverage manufacturers with test results in as few as 48 hours, compared to 4-14 days with traditional methods, enabling them to release their products to market faster. Jeremy Robertson, Product Manager at Celsis Rapid Detection refers: “As part of Celsis’ continuous improvement programme we are pleased to launch the new RapiScreen Soy Beverage kit. Traditionally soy based beverages have been more difficult to test using ATP bioluminescence because the amount of background ATP in the product can vary significantly. While Celsis’ latest software v5 offers the ability to compensate for product variability, the new Celsis Soy kit has been specially formulated to deplete background ATP in soy and nut-based beverages, allowing manufacturers to more effectively test their products”.

Ferrazone®, has been approved for human consumption in the European Union. According to Commission Regulation (EU) No. 1161/2011 and Commission Decision (EU) No. 331/2010, Ferrazone® can now be added to common food products, to dietetic foods and to food supplements. The permitted amounts allow a Ferrazone-fortified food product to be labelled as a “source of iron”. This approval is based on data submitted by AkzoNobel, so only food-grade ferric sodium EDTA manufactured by AkzoNobel is permitted in the EU. AkzoNobel believes that foods and supplements containing Ferrazone® will help consumers to achieve and maintain a healthy iron status. And the company underlines that when added to food, ferric sodium EDTA enhances iron absorption into the body without imparting undesired sensory properties, like a metallic taste or teeth staining. AkzoNobel adds that still and carbonated drinks, powdered beverages, condiments, instant noodles, breakfast cereals, table salt and virtually all kinds of flour can all be fortified with ferric sodium EDTA.

While health and nutrition is top of mind for dairy consumers nowadays, taste remains the key driver. When it comes to boosting creaminess and texture in yoghurts, increasing fat and protein levels are commonly used. With ETENIA™ QS, the latest extension of AVEBE’s innovative E-number-free ETENIA™-range, it is now possible to produce cost-optimized yoghurts with remarkable creamy texture, as well as shiny and smooth appearance! ETENIA™ QS is the clean label solution for dairy products that offers a clean taste profile, and is Kosher and Halal certified as the company refers. Moreover, ETENIA™ QS has been designed to fit existing processes and meets shelf-life requirements for yoghurts. ETENIA™ QS is stable at low-pH and resists shear and heat.

John Calland, European Sales Director for DDW refers: “In terms of innovation […] what the retailers are really looking for is a stable natural colour, a brown”. He added that specifically, retailers need “a brown that's going to work in colas and (provide) a very dark beverage”. Calland goes on to say: “At the moment, the retailers really do need to use natural colours; now, a burnt sugar - a plain caramel - will give you that option”. As Calland says, retailers currently use natural plant extracts, including hibiscus and black carrot among others. Calland says: “There are stability issues […] but if a caramel can be used in a new formulation, it will give prolonged shelf life and preferred caramel notes”.

Milk sample applications offered by Randox Food Diagnostics provide excellent tools for screening of antimicrobials. Competitive limit of detections and simple sample preparations are offered across both a range of ELISA products and Multiplex Arrays using the unique patented Biochip Array technology. This unique system allows for simultaneous testing of multiple antibiotics in a single sample as the company explains. The milk sample only requires a simple dilution prior to application. The milk dilution buffer is also provided in each screening kit to enhance the already user-friendly protocol.

Sandrine Cuisenier, INGREDIA NUTRITIONAL Marketing Manager, refers: “Most women are concerned about their figure and would like to stay slim or even get rid of a few pounds. However, modern lifestyle does not leave them much time to take care of themselves. Dieting can also be very frustrating and rather complicated when one eats out a lot. DiestSpice™ is their figure’s best ally: it gives them an extra hand to control their weight in any circumstances, without giving up the pleasure of great-tasting meals”. And Alain Baniel, R&D Manager, adds regarding the scientific evidence of DietSpice™ efficacy: “One stick of DiestSpice™ provides the recommended intake of StarchLite®, a patented, all-natural extract of white bean. StarchLite® has been shown to be a temporary inhibitor of alpha-amylase, the enzyme responsible for starch breakdown into simple sugars. The inhibition of alpha-amylase decreases the digestion and absorption of starch, therefore reducing its caloric impact. Its efficacy is clinically proven by several clinical studies”.

Aker BioMarine Antarctic has announced that its krill harvesting vessel, the Saga Sea, is now ISO 9001:2008 Certified. The Saga Sea has a registered food-facility on-board and Aker BioMarine Antarctic offers krill oil that has been harvested and processed in a food-grade facility meeting international standards for cleanliness. Matts Johansen, executive vice president of sales and marketing for Aker BioMarine Antarctic reports: “ISO certification offers our customers the assurance that our Superba Krill Oil is produced in accordance with internationally recognized quality systems and operational guidelines”. The company explains that in order to meet ISO voluntary standards Aker BioMarine Antarctic has demonstrated the ability to consistently provide krill oil that meets customer, statutory, and regulatory requirements and show the company’s commitment to personnel training, internal audit, and continuous improvements of processing systems. Earning ISO certification for the Saga Sea represents a significant addition to Aker BioMarine Antarctic’s already impressive global certification dossier as the company underlines.

Vitafoods 2012 sees the European launch of a unique range of micro and macro nutrients by Kelatron, and its parent company, Innophos. The two companies refer that combining Kelatron’s expertise in high quality mineral chelates and Innophos’s capabilities in phosphate fortification, manufacturers of supplements, sports nutrition, and functional food and drink products can now access an industry-leading selection of premium ingredients. Exhibiting for the first time at Vitafoods, Kelatron will present a wide range of fully reacted, highly stable and bioavailable chelates. One of its highlights will be K-Pure calcium bis-glycinate. Calcium is valuable in muscle function, nerve transmission, connective tissue maintenance, weight management and the regulation of blood pressure as well as bone and tooth health as the company reports. Moreover, K-Pure chromium picolinate, is a bioavailable source of chromium, critical to optimising insulin levels, and its combination with picolinic acid, the human body’s natural chelator, maximises the bioavailability not only of the chromium, but also of other vital trace elements such as zinc, manganese, copper, iron, and molybdenum, according to early research. Suitable applications include sports nutrition and weight management products, according to Kelatron. And the companies underline that visitors interested in antioxidants will be able to learn more about Kelatron’s Bio Sel-5000. This l-selenomethionine is a highly bioavailable and readily utilized source of selenium, which has been shown to have a valuable role in the prevention of cancer.

During Vitafoods 2012 GELITA presents body function-stimulating Bioactive Collagen PeptidesTM and GELITA® RXL gelatine for improved shelf life and stability of hard and soft capsules. PEPTIPLUS® provides, as the company explains, the healthy, purine-free nutrients required for the many processes that take place in muscles and cells. They refer that collagen peptides replace the energy used up in training and are also good for the figure. They are easily absorbed by the body so that its energy becomes readily available. Whether in energy bars or sports beverages – this protein provider dispenses power. It is perfectly soluble and excellent in taste. Moreover, GELITA® RXL is a specially optimized gelatine to reduce cross-linking of gelatine capsules. The company explains that it increases dissolution properties, improves shelf life (especially at high temperatures and humidity) and allows manufacturers of H&N, OTC or Rx products to explore new fill materials that were previously thought not possible to encapsulate. In this way GELITA® RXL Gelatine adds significant value to capsules.

At this year’s Vitafoods Lonza will be presenting its portfolio of branded health ingredients. Carnipure™ is high quality L-carnitine, a nutrient essential for energy metabolism. Extensive research shows that Carnipure™ can play a beneficial role in many areas of health, such as sports nutrition, weight management, infant nutrition, male fertility, and pregnancy. Made from naturally occurring microalgae, DHAid™ is a purely vegetarian source of omega-3 DHA. Health benefits of DHAid™ include the support of brain development and function as well as heart and eye health. ResistAid™ is a natural immune ingredient derived from North American larch trees. It supports both innate and adaptive immune systems as well as gastrointestinal health. The Memree™ brand covers a line of products that contain high quality, soy-based phosphatidylserine. Phosphatidylserine is an important structural component of cell membranes and is found in concentrated amounts in brain cells. Products in the Memree™ line include MemreePS™ for cognitive health and MemreePlus™ for cognitive health, stress reduction and exercise recovery applications.

Available as a powder in different molecular weights and densities, Peptan® is easy to integrate into products. At Vitafoods 2012, Rousselot® will showcase new Peptan® applications. After flavoured drinks, confectioneries and brownies, Rousselot® is now integrating Peptan™ in nutritional beauty and slimming bars and also sports nutrition bars. Several examples of anti-aging masks and serums for cosmetic applications will also be demonstrated. Visitors interested in Peptan® can attend Rousselot’s thirty-minute seminar on the Nutritional properties of Peptan® Collagen Peptides, in the framework of EU health claim regulations. This seminar will be led by Veronique Fabien-Soulé, Rousselot Regulatory Affairs Director and will take place in the Supplier Seminar Theatre on Thursday May 24th at 2pm.

Following the acquisition of Danisco in May 2011, DuPont has built upon the already well-established offering in the area of nutrition and health. The company refers that to the customer, this means a more extensive product portfolio backed by greater resources and a stronger science focus than ever before. Craig F. Binetti, president, DuPont Nutrition & Health assures: “Given the vast capabilities of our Nutrition & Health team, I am confident in our ability to bring even greater benefits to our customers and partners […] We’re leading the way with a wide product range, strong application expertise and unrivalled food and nutrition science”. Visitors to Vitafoods Europe will be able to talk with experts about health-promoting ingredients from the DuPont™ Danisco® range, including HOWARU® premium probiotics and PinVita™ phytosterols, among others.


Solazyme Roquette Nutritionals has announced its exclusive European commercial agency agreement for their food products, with global food ingredient parent company, Roquette. They underline that this agreement will start with the commercialization of Whole Algalin Flour – Solazyme Roquette Nutritionals’ lead ingredient – in the 27 Members Countries of the European Union. Moreover, they add that this agreement marks the imminent availability of Whole Algalin Flour in Europe. Jodie Morgan, President and General Manager of Solazyme Roquette Nutritionals believes: “Whole Algalin Flour, allows formulators the ability to develop consumer products with unprecedented nutritional profile while maintaining excellent taste […] Roquette provides tremendous support and access to the largest markets in Europe, and their proven success as an ingredient supplier makes them an ideal commercial agent for this breakthrough ingredient”.

The Andrea Da Ponte Distillery (basin of Corbanese di Tarzo (TV)), has been pursuing the policy of combining the traditional canons dictated by the Metodo Da Ponte with the most advanced technology, in order to improve its energy efficiency and reduce the environmental impact of its production. The company's most recent investment to improve the quality of its plants is the recently-built photovoltaic system for the production of electricity, installed on the roof of its factory's aging warehouses. The company explains that the 740 sqm plant consists of 454 polycrystalline silicon solar panels, which ensure optimum electrical performance in the summer period. Owing to its considerable size, the plant delivers an annual electricity output of approx. 112,000 KWh. Of this, almost 70 percent is used to power the whole factory, enabling a reduction of 70 tons p.a. of greenhouse gases, while the remaining 30 percent is fed into the local distribution grid. The company assures that the photovoltaic system is only the latest of a number of initiatives implemented over the years by the Andrea Da Ponte Distillery, ever ahead of the rest in understanding the importance of an environmentally-friendly management of its production.

DSM is showcasing the breadth and versatility of its ingredients portfolio with a new website. From product summaries and downloads to information on numerous market segments, this new online resource allows the user to find the information they need at the click of a button. The launch forms part of DSM’s commitment to helping food, beverage and dietary supplement manufacturers meet the ever-changing needs of consumers. The new website marks a departure from the previous DSM Nutritional Products and DSM Food Specialties sites, bringing all the information under one URL. Users who know what they are looking for can search for a specific product / Health Benefit Solution and download product overview sheets. For additional ease of use, DSM’s latest innovations are displayed on the homepage screen. Those who are earlier on in the new product development process can find out more about DSM’s expertise in a range of markets – including dairy, bakery, beverages and dietary supplements, to name but a few. The website is not just about the ingredients offered, but also about the service DSM offers customers. The “about us” page details DSM’s Quality for Life™ seal, the company’s commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction. Gareth Barker, Head of Global Marketing for Human Nutrition & Health at DSM Nutritional Products, comments: “From enzymes for bread, cheese and beer to nutraceuticals for functional food, beverage and dietary supplement products, DSM provides ingredients that are used in millions food and beverage products all over the world. With the launch of our new website, we are providing our customers with a one stop shop of information, helping them find what they need quickly and easily”.

The verdict is in! After three days of competitions, under the watchful eye of an exacting jury and in front of admiring crowds, the winning team of the 2012 Coupe du Monde de la Boulangerie is: Japan! The Coupe du Monde de la Boulangerie brought together 12 teams of 3 candidates, each one dedicated to a category: Baguettes & World Breads, Viennese Pastries and Artistic Piece. Having travelled from every continent, these bakers gave themselves body and soul to this competition of art and passion. Thanks to the support of the sponsors, of their countries, with the notable presence of ambassadors, and in particular their coaches, they were able to create products of exceptionally high quality for the 2012 show. On 7th March, three countries got high marks: firstly, Taiwan’s team, already seen on the 2008 winner’s podium, got 3rd place. Then, the United States were called out as 2nd place winners – a much coveted spot. And finally, with everyone holding their breath, the world champion team was announced: Japan!

Sight and Life, the humanitarian initiative of DSM and a well-respected nutrition think tank will launch a unique history of the global battle against micronutrient deficiencies. Entitled Micronutrients, Macro Impact: The story of vitamins and a hungry world, this book tells how, for the past 25 years, Sight and Life has championed the battle against hidden hunger among the world’s poorest and most vulnerable populations. Stephan Tanda, DSM Managing Board Member with responsibility for DSM’s Nutrition activities, comments: “Micronutrients, Macro Impact clearly shows that our work to advance the science of vitamins is more important than ever. Working together with a wide range of stakeholders has brought the opportunity to sustainably improve the nutritional status of millions of people within reach. Turning this possibility into a reality requires also the engagement and support of the public at large. We hope that Micronutrients, Macro Impact will help rally this support and is a great example for the positive change that Sight and Life has championed for the past 25 years”.

The FibeBiotics project is a consortium of four European Universities, five research institutions and several private companies that will study the effect of food fibres on the human immune system. The EU is investing 6M Euros in an international research project evaluating the immune health effects of Wellmune WGP® and several other functional food ingredients. Wellmune WGP is gluco polysaccharide that is clinically proven to safely prime key immune cells that help keep the body healthy. Derived from a proprietary strain of yeast, Wellmune WGP mobilizes neutrophils, which are the largest population of immune cells in the body and part of the body’s first line of defense. Rich Mueller, Biothera president and chief executive officer underlines: “We are pleased that Wellmune WGP is part of this important scientific research project […] It will be complementary to our internal research program that is designed to expand understanding of our unique technology and its global immune health benefits”.

Shimadzu UK Ltd is making the company’s innovative portfolio of Universal Testing Machines available directly to the United Kingdom market via the company’s Customer Evaluation Facility in Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire. Shimadzu’s extensive range of UTM system solutions includes both static and dynamic Universal Testing Machines that can handle measurement capacities from mega Newton to micro Newton. The systems feature load cells with accuracy class 0.5 down to 1/1000 of load cell capacity. Jeremy Reddish, Shimadzu UK’s Business Manager - Materials Testing Solutions refers: “Shimadzu’s Universal Testing Machines are now available across every market industry sector from aerospace to zoology […] We can now offer UK customers an extensive product range to ensure that we can provide the right solution tailored for any specific budget or technical requirements. We can support any application whether it is for academic purposes, R&D or manufacturing”.

Novozymes has applauded President Obama’s National Bioeconomy Blueprint and his continued commitment toward renewable energy and a more sustainable economy, a strategy he began outlining in his 2012 State of the Union address. Adam Monroe, President of Novozymes North America, said: “This plan is already at work building a national bioeconomy workforce. Replacing chemistry with biology – fossil fuels with biofuels – puts steel in the ground, creates jobs and powers our economy […] We look forward to continuing our work with President Obama and ensuring America has policies in place, like the Renewable Fuels Standard, to meet that goal”.

The research-based Ethisphere® Institute is a leading international think-tank dedicated to the creation, advancement and sharing of best practices in business ethics, corporate social responsibility, anti-corruption and sustainability. Solae, LLC, a joint venture between DuPont and Bunge and a world leader in soy ingredients, has been recognized by the Ethisphere Institute as one of the 2012 World's Most Ethical (WME) Companies. Cornel Fuerer, vice president, general counsel and chief compliance officer, Solae underlines: "It is a significant honour for Solae to be recognized as one of the 'World's Most Ethical Companies' for the third consecutive year by the Ethisphere Institute. Highest ethical behaviour is one of our four core values, and it is critical to the success of our company and our customers […] As the world's leader in soy-based ingredients, we strive to provide solutions to help feed a growing global population with nutritious, sustainable and affordable ingredients. It is our responsibility to ensure that our ingredients are safe and of high-quality. To achieve this, integrity must be at the core of everything we do".

Prinova Europe Ltd. has announced the expansion of its European presence with the opening of a new office: Prinova Benelux & France N.V./S.A. The new location, based in Belgium, was created to provide a better level of service to the region with a local presence. Ritzo Richie has been hired to oversee the company’s operation and sales strategy as their General Manager with effective start date on the 5th of March.

Nestlé Health Science has launched a new nutrition guide for patients undergoing cancer treatment in Spain. The company collaborated with nutrition and cancer experts to publish the guide which provides diet and nutrition advice for oncology patients receiving chemotherapy and radiotherapy. It aims to improve patients’ quality of life and reduce complications from medical treatment such as loss of muscle mass or an inability to fight infection. Copies of the publication will be available in public hospitals, private health centres and cancer associations in the Spanish region of Catalonia. Nestlé Health Science in Spain worked with the guide’s author Clara Joaquim, a specialist doctor for the Clinical Nutrition and Diet Unit at the Germans Trias i Pujol Hospital in eastern Catalonia.

NIZO scientists have developed a validated method to extract all fats from foods such as infant formula. In this way a reliable peroxide value (POV) can be determined. Specialty powders such as infant formula contain valuable fatty acids that are prone to oxidation. By encapsulating these compounds they are protected from oxidation, preventing development of unpleasant off-tastes. In this way the shelf life of the product is safeguarded. An early indication of the decline and thus the shelf life of these fatty acids is the formation of peroxides, which eventually leads to compounds that cause off-taste. The company explains that to get a reliable measure of the shelf life, all fats therefore need to be extracted. In this way the true peroxide value (POV) can be determined. However, current extraction methods are no longer sufficient in the case of powders that contain fats with a protective layer. At best partial extraction can be achieved and sometimes no fats can be extracted at all. NIZO adds that partial extraction may give a gross overestimation of the level of oxidation. Zero extraction gives no information at all. Based on the knowledge of behaviour of proteins and fats in foods, NIZO scientist developed a unique method that allows the full liberation and extraction of fats that are well embedded in the food matrix. Kees Olieman, senior scientist at NIZO, has already applied this method in testing new ingredients: “Now we can help industry in reliably testing new emulsifying technologies or new fat-based ingredients. The good news” he concludes: “is that it also helps companies to prevent discarding foods that in the past were rejected based on incomplete fat extraction”.

Alfa Laval has won an order to supply a variety of Alfa Laval products to a brewery in Indonesia. The Indonesian brewery has ordered an integrated beer cellar which is a complete solution for the different steps in the beer-making process such as fermentation, cooling, filtration, blending and storage. The order includes several Alfa Laval heat exchangers and fluid handling components such as pumps, valves, filters, mixers, tank equipment – plus the new Alfa Laval eDrive high speed separator. In addition the order includes brewery process modules, instrumentation and engineering. Lars Renström, President and CEO of the Alfa Laval Group underlines: “We have a strong position in the global brewery market where we provide everything from products to systems for new breweries and the Indonesian market continuous to develop in a very favourable way for Alfa Laval”.

Barry Callebaut has launched a CHF 40 million cocoa sustainability initiative to boost farm productivity, increase quality and improve family livelihoods in key cocoa producing countries in West and Central Africa and Indonesia over 10 years. The activities will be undertaken in cooperation with agricultural and development experts and government institutions. CEO Juergen B. Steinemann refers: "The scarcity of quality cocoa is a serious concern that touches the heart of our business - because without more cocoa, we can't produce more chocolate. Innovative and comprehensive solutions are urgently needed to reverse the overall decline in global cocoa production. We've therefore made sustainable cocoa a pillar of our company's ambitious growth strategy, and accelerated our long-time efforts to ensure sustainable cocoa production. Our newest initiative, Cocoa Horizons, is the most ambitious and far reaching sustainability program in Barry Callebaut's history". The company explains that the initiative builds on Barry Callebaut's proven Quality Partner Program (QPP) for cocoa farmer cooperatives. Launched in 2005, and currently engaging more than 40,000 farmers in Côte d'Ivoire and Cameroon, QPP was the first program of its kind to emphasize quality improvement goals for cocoa as well as farming practices.

Roquette is supporting increasing GDL use worldwide with a new production facility at its Cassano Spinola site in Italy. The facility, which has been in operation for several months, meets strict quality standards and is aimed at the growing demand for GDL, notably in cheese-making applications. According to Euromonitor International, the cheese sector is growing at an AAGR of 2.5 percent and soft cheeses at 3 percent. Although GDL is the preferred acid for these applications, the main obstacle to its use over recent years has been its limited availability. Roquette’s new facility paves the way for further growth in GDL use. In addition to increased availability, Roquette’s GDL also meets very high quality standards. Christine Chainer, Fermentation Product Manager at Roquette explains: “With the new production circuit - FSSC 2200 certified, Roquette can guarantee an impeccable level of product quality, particularly for purity and consistency. Moreover, a special polyethylene bag has been designed for packaging the product. Incredibly strong and watertight, it preserves the quality of the product during shipping and under variable atmospheric conditions, preventing it from becoming compacted”.

Jon Williams, VP Commercial at Aquapharm, explained: “AIMS is amongst the world's top specialist research institutions, and it has cultivated a sizeable collection of marine micro-organisms from Australia’s unique marine territory. This territory spans an immense 16 million square kilometres, leading to high biodiversity and the potential for novel microbes and their products. Aquapharm has signed an agreement with AIMS that grants us exclusive commercial access to a select range of these organisms for testing and development, with the option to conclude an exclusive licence agreement for commercialisation if they are found to be suitable. We are optimistic that this opportunity to screen an even wider variety of micro-organisms from a diverse range of habitats and organisms will complement the efforts made to-date in mining our own collection, and help us to discover some exciting new products which could ultimately find their way into anything from advanced medicines to toiletries, or functional foods and drinks”. Thanks to this agreement Aquapharm, as the company reports, will invest its specialist expertise to culture and screen a range of these microbes. If the Scottish firm finds an extract amongst these which it believes can be used in commercial products, it may negotiate a royalty fee to AIMS in exchange for commercialisation rights.

BASF SE and Teck Resources Limited, Vancouver, Canada have announced at the World Economic Forum that they have signed a three year agreement to jointly develop innovative and affordable zinc fortification and supplementation solutions, with the goal of reducing zinc deficiency among 100 million people in developing countries by 2015. Malnutrition is one of the world’s most serious but least addressed health problems – nearly a third of children in developing countries are undernourished. Zinc is an essential micronutrient for all living organisms that protects the body from illnesses and helps fight infections, yet two billion people around the world are not getting enough zinc through their diet. The agreement builds on Teck’s existing Zinc and Health program which includes partnerships with UNICEF, Free the Children, the Micronutrient Initiative of the Government of Canada and other organizations. “As one of the world’s largest producers of zinc, we recognize we have the ability to make a difference” said Don Lindsay, President and CEO of Teck and continued: “Through this partnership, we are developing solutions that will enhance zinc micronutrient distribution systems, reduce instances of zinc deficiency in developing countries and ultimately improve human health”.

Intestinal infections are a worldwide problem. The probiotic Lactobacillus reuteri prevents acute diarrhoea in children with lower nutritional status. In a recent randomized controlled trial, carried out by scientists from the Dutch Top Institute Food and Nutrition working at NIZO food research and Wageningen University together with SEAMEO RECFON in Indonesia, it was clearly shown that thanks to Lactobacillus reuteri was reduced the incidence of acute diarrhoea episodes. The study will be published in Pediatrics.

Sabinsa has been granted the company's 70th patent on February 21, 2012. This US patent, # US8119696 is entitled Treatment of superficial and cutaneous mycoses with a pure form of 1,7-bis(4-hydroxy-3-methoxyphenyl)-3,5-heptanedione. The patent covers the company's TetraPure® ingredient for hair, skin and nails. Approximately 90 percent of fungal skin infections are caused by “dermatophytes”, which are parasitic fungi affecting the skin, hair and nails, out of which fungal infection of nails is the most common. Skin is affected by fungus because it feeds on keratin. Hair fungus invasion occurs on the hair shaft. It is manifested as itchy, scaly flakes of the scalp (dandruff) or inflammatory abscess that may result in permanent hair loss. People on strong antibiotics are also at risk of fungal infections, as antibiotics kill not only damaging bacteria, but healthy bacteria as well. This alters the balance of microorganisms and results in an overgrowth of fungus. The company explains that TetraPure is highly effective against a wide range of fungi and therefore a natural replacement for anti-fungal agents and topical steroids, which may have significant side effects. It can be used in cream, shampoo, ointment, lotion, spray, or powder form for topical application in hair care, skin care and nail care formulations. TetraPure effectively relieves skin discomforts due to fungal infections and offers a soothing solution to relieve redness, irritation, scaling, itching, and burning associated with fungal infections.

BENEO-Institute has announced BENEO’s 2nd European Scientific Symposium. The symposium, which was regarding prebiotic fibres and functional carbohydrates in science and regulation, was held on 12th and 13th March in Heidelberg at the European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL). Following the success of the 1st European Scientific Symposium in Brussels in 2008, the BENEO-Institute has brought together leading academics to share their latest updates from a scientific perspective, as well as to address the legislative environment in the EU in this context. The event was chaired by Natalie Delzenne, Université Catholique de Louvain, Belgium and Daniel König, University of Freiburg, Germany.

AB SCIEX and Phenomenex have announced a collaboration agreement designed to significantly improve food testing. This partnership is expected to support efforts to prevent the spread of tainted food and help increase safety of the global food supply. Recent food contamination crises have increased the demand across the food testing community worldwide for just-in-time methods for faster response, higher quality results and less expensive tests. To address this demand, scientists from AB SCIEX and Phenomenex will work closely with a broad range of food industry experts in specific applications, such as pesticides, antibiotics, allergens and natural toxins. Joe Anacleto, Vice President of the Applied Markets and Clinical Research Business, AB SCIEX refers: “We continue to push the limits of food safety testing to improve outcomes, especially in times of crisis […] By working with Phenomenex and sharing in their world-class expertise in this critical area, we believe we have pulled together complementary tools and testing capabilities to provide the most complete solutions for food testing laboratories. No other LC/MS/MS vendors have the expertise or range of products to make state-of-the-art food testing so cost-effective and easily accessible as AB SCIEX and Phenomenex do together”.

Indena has always combined the ability to merge tradition with innovation and the latest technologies. Time has come now for Indena to redesign its web communication channels and exploit the potential of the web 2.0 to improve customers and other stakeholders relations. Since its creation in 1996, has provided an important shop window for the company and a way of making contact with new potential customers or partners. Today, thanks to a redesign, is more than ever the gateway to that world of innovation and passion which for almost a century Indena has made its own. To cope with the increasing wealth of online information and keep pace with the advances in technology and communication techniques, the site has been revamped both in form and substance. It now includes a new fast and responsive search engine, single click access to all the main sectors of activity (pharmaceutical, health-food, cosmetics and partnership). The new design features bigger pictures, clearer simpler fonts, universally recognized icons and allows content-sharing across social networks. From the website home page it will be possible to navigate directly to the company’s YouTube channel, the official Flickr account as well as to the Indena LinkedIn profile. Christian Artaria, Marketing Director & Head of Functional Food Development, refers: “New technologies represent a big opportunity for a global company like Indena to be interactive for prospect clients, researchers and journalists around the world. The way we distribute contents and work in the marketplace has lately been affected by new forms of communication we now must take into account and integrate within our communication, marketing and business strategies, without neglecting the scientific communication, that has always been the true differentiator of Indena”.

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