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schülke have developed a new in-can preservative named parmetol® MBX containing benzisothiazolone (BIT), methylisothiazolone (MIT) and the amine bis(3-aminopropyl)dodecylamine (BDA). The blend has excellent synergistic effects and is active against moulds, yeasts, fungi and bacteria. The company refers parmetol® MBX is a new and innovative product. It is fast acting against microorganisms in production water and other precontaminated raw materials e.g. natural products such as starch. In addition to this fast action the product provides long-term protection resulting in a well-preserved fi nal product. This gives the advantage of using just one preservative for two applications. With parmetol® MBX we have the new generation of fast biocidal acting preservatives. It has an outstanding performance compared to the today's market standard based on a combination BIT/MIT. Using parmetol® MBX saves both time as well as money! In addition the product can provide more safety, the decontamination of process water could reduce the amount of quarantined fi nished product, which can be caused by contaminated raw materials. parmetol® MBX is a hygiene integrated in-can preservative. It can be used for all water based formulations and products. Product benefi ts: -Immediately acting preservative with long-term protection; -Fast germ count reduction; -Production hygiene integrated in-can preservative; -Synergistic combination of benzisothiazolone (BIT), methylisothiazolinone (MIT) and bis(3-aminopropyl)dodecylamine; -Free of formaldehyde, formaldehyde donators and phenolics; -Biodegradable, not bio-accumulating, environmental friendly; -Approved for Ecolabel, e.g. "European Flower" or "Nordic Ecolabel”. Our innovative products and technical competence provide solutions, which go far beyond common preservative issues.