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New results from the Italian project about Innovative Approaches of Infection’s Control (AICI)

The final results of the project Approcci Innovativi per il Controllo delle Infezioni (AICI) have been presented the 21th May 2015 in a workshop held at the Angelini Research Center in Pomezia. The project was carried out by a network of Italian Pharma and Biotech companies: Angelini, IBN Savio, IRBM Science Park and Ylichron. AICI was launched in October 2013, granted funding by Regione Lazio (POR FESR 2007-2013), with the aim of creating a platform for infections’ control. Main results included synthesis of new molecules active against some resistant malaria and microbial strains, molecules acting through novel molecular targets or endowed with more favorable safety profile, enhancement of products’ quality and appropriateness of treatments. The workshop, attended by members of public and private research institutions, embraced a session during which members of the network reported results, two main lectures held by Prof. G.M. Rossolini (University of Florence) and Dr. C Alisi (ENEA-Casaccia, Rome) and a poster session. The results were keenly discussed by people attending the meeting, as they were an opportunity of sharing experience among different lines of research in the anti-infective field of therapeutic intervention.



Every year the cosmetics industry suffers from multi-billion dollar losses due to counterfeit cosmetics products. This lost revenue may have a negative impact on market share, and can result in a further erosion of sales. If the counterfeit products cause health problems in consumers, this can damage the reputation and brand image for the manufacturers of the authentic cosmetics. Early and rapid detection of counterfeit products is one way to address counterfeiting in both domestic and export markets. Highlighted in this work is a multivariate analysis technique for sample comparison using statistical analysis tools for easy comparison between complex samples. The described LC-MS and informatics workflow as implemented with the UNIFI Scientific Information System using high-resolution mass spectrometry can be adopted for cosmetics, food and beverage, and pharmaceutical sample analysis.


Since the citric acid manufacturing facility in Port Colborne, Canada, was inaugurated in 2002 our long standing supplier, Ingredion, has supplied all glucose needs from their neighbouring facility. By end 2015 Jungbunzlauer will take full ownership of the Ingredion facility after it has been reconfigured to a dedicated production site of corn-based glucose for fermentation purposes. For Jungbunzlauer the step of securing a fully vertically integrated supply chain for the production of citric acid and tri sodium citrate in Port Colborne is at the core of the strategy. While the past “over-the-fence” supply arrangement between Ingredion and Jungbunzlauer has been functioning very well for many years the full integration will create opportunities to further strengthen the efficiency and sustainability footprint of the overall Port Colborne facility through focus and optimisation. This will enhance its competitive position-servicing customers with high quality products from Canada in primarily North America, Latin America and Asia-Pacific. Meeting customers’ and society’s future needs requires sustainable processes. At Jungbunzlauer the philosophy has been to achieve this by combining state-of-the-art process and manufacturing technology while, at the same time, being close to the main input factors such a corn, energy and water. This strategy has brought the fermentation facility in Port Colborne to a globally leading position based on past investments of over 250 million CAD. The step they have announce by integrating the neighbouring corn wet milling facility documents our commitment to both the region and our strategy to build competitiveness through a leading sustainability position. The integration of the fermentation plant and the glucose plant will bring the total number of employees of Jungbunzlauer Canada Inc. in Port Colborne up to the level of around 110 persons and, by this, enhancing our position as one of the main employers in the region.


Oxiteno was once again recognized by Você S/A as one of the "Best companies for starting a career". In obtaining the certification, the Company underwent an evaluation in which the HR area and a group of randomly selected new hires and trainees were asked to respond to a series of questions related to their career development. During the next step, a journalist from the magazine visited the Company and met separately with HR and the recent hires in order to validate the practices and initiatives identified as part of the survey, evaluating the level of satisfaction among the young talents.  The recognition from Você S/A magazine reinforces the Company's organizational values, which include "Excellence" and "Relationships". It also puts Oxiteno in a privileged position with regard to developing young professionals, fostering an environment that creates opportunities and growing through processes and programs that have been favourably evaluated by the market and its internal stakeholders.



In April, SILAB, a manufacturer of cosmetic natural active ingredients, became an active member of Cosmetic Valley, a competitiveness cluster made up of companies, research centres and training organizations committed to a partnership approach focused on innovation and the conquest of international cosmetic markets. Historically located in the Centre region of France, Cosmetic Valley has logically spread to new areas of the country looking for new expertise. Relying on the status of 'partner territory', it signed a partnership agreement on April 23rd of this year with Limousin, giving all companies based in the region the opportunity to join the competitiveness cluster. Therefore, SILAB is now a full active member of Cosmetic Valley, and no longer a simple partner as before. According to Brigitte Closs, R&D Deputy General Manager for SILAB, "there are challenges shared by all, such as regulatory requirements, research into raw materials, safety, etc. Cosmetic Valley deals with highly complementary cross-cutting issues". In October 2015, SILAB will naturally take part in the 1st edition of Cosmetic 360, an international innovation fair for the perfume-cosmetics sector organized by Cosmetic Valley at the Louvre Carrousel in Paris.



PPC and WeylChem Lamotte have renewed their engagement in Responsible Care® by signing the Global Charter, revised in 2014. On July 25th, UIC (Union des Industries Chimiques), the French Chemical Industry Council, has organized the 25th anniversary celebration of the Responsible Care® initiatives in Paris. That was the occasion for the French Chemical companies to renew their engagement. PPC was invited to sign the document during this ceremony among its peers. At the occasion of another event, organized at a regional level, WeylChem Lamotte has signed the charter. Responsible Care® is a worldwide chemical industry commitment to the safe management of chemicals all along their life cycle, to promote their role in improving quality of life and their contribution in sustainable development.



Name of our best seller product MultiEx BSASM™ will be changed to CalmYang™, because there was a company registering our products name -BSASM- as their trademark and also fake products are produced since BSASM is getting famous in cosmetics ingredient market. BioSpectrum, Inc. would like to prevent any problems occurred by trade name in Chinese market by changing name of our product. Although the dispute about trademark is being resolved and we are taking action to solve the problem as for BSASM fake products, we announce that we provide MultiEx BSASM™ produced after July 1st 2015 as the name of CalmYang™ in market. We are registering CalmYang™ as trademark in market now. Once registration is done, BSASM™ name will be changed to CalmYang®



Clariant has announced the opening of the Consumer Care Competence Centre under its Business Unit Industrial & Consumer Specialties (ICS) to be located in Singapore at The Synergy, 1 International Business Park. The new Consumer Care Centre will be connected to a worldwide network of marketing, application and technology experts able to provide unique ideas and solutions to solve customers’ unmet needs in the region. An opening ceremony was held on 10 June 2015 to celebrate the inauguration of the application laboratory, a unique approach to interact with customers in Personal & Home Care to develop claim for tomorrow's megatrends in Asia Pacific. The launch of our Competence Centre for the personal care and home care market is another big step forward in building closer collaboration with our customers in the region. It also demonstrates our full commitment to pursuing innovation excellence through local capability", remarked Francois Bleger, Regional Head of Clariant South East Asia and Pacific. Clariant's customers, partners and members of the media were invited to take part in the opening ceremony to witness how customer needs for formulations as well as sensorial testing for finished products could be translated into inspiring and substantiated solutions, providing high quality services with scientific proof of highest standards. "We are offering a new kind of platform for our customers to interact and to jointly formulate answers to the consumers demand of tomorrow. Our new Centre will offer unique sensorial testing to help our partners to find claims for future trends. It will serve as the link to our wide production and innovation network" said Stephan Lynen, Head of Clariant's BU ICS, Asia Pacific.



Symrise launches a series of freshly pressed plant juices within its Actipone® range. Manually pressed without the use of any solvents, the juice varieties are fully traceable and certified organic. Their proven effects in cosmetic applications range from moisturizing properties to soothing and antioxidant ones. Consumers associate green smoothies with fresh, natural and healthy benefits provided in an easy-to-consume format. Some years ago, fruit smoothies became a trend, with people appreciating the quick and convenient vitamin boost they offered. Now, the trend has evolved to green smoothies, which offer alternatives to the standard fruity options, chock-full of green leafy components and vegetables. This “green smoothie” trend originated in the US and the UK and is now spreading around the globe. At Symrise too, fruits and vegetables with proven in-vitro tested efficacies play an important role as natural ingredients in cosmetics. For this reason, the Cosmetic Ingredient Division is now extending its range of offerings to include freshly pressed plant juice varieties that can easily be incorporated into cosmetic applications. The plant juice varieties are suitable for a vast number of cosmetic applications and beyond, e.g. hair, face and body care. Traditional plants have long been used in food, as tea and for herbal medicines and skin care. Their effectiveness thus has a long and robust history. State-of-the-art in-vitro screening has confirmed that fresh plant juices have especially strong antioxidant capacities as well as soothing and moisturizing properties. For ginger, additional skin-brightening properties were confirmed. Gentle manual pressing directly after harvesting ensures the preservation of the plant’s valuable ingredients. All plant juices from Symrise have received a unique, new INCI name because within the INCI standards the descriptor “juice” has been previously used for mainly fruits and vegetables. Symrise is the first company offering the cosmetic industry fresh-pressed plant juices derived from the whole plant or the roots.



Croda recently presented a lecture on “Bioavailability in the Skin” to 120 attendees at the Metropolitan University of Mexico event “2a Jornadas Avances y Perspectivas en la Ciencia Cosmetica” (2nd Conference of Advances and Perspectives in Cosmetic Science). The invitation to share insights was extended by the University following a recent workshop at Croda’s laboratory in Mexico, which was attended by Dra. Leticia Ortega, Master in Pharmaceutical Sciences. The lecture, which on this occasion was given by Patricia Nuñez Vera, Lead Application Scientist at Croda Mexico, usually forms part of Croda’s “Successful Formulation Strategies for Topical Pharmaceuticals” global workshop series, which has now been launched in Latin America in Brasil and Mexico, with future events in the region planned for 2015 in Colombia and Argentina. “Croda´s “Successful Formulation Strategies” provides an in-depth approach to formulating for topical applications in which theory is combined with practical exercises” comments Michael Dixon, Marketing Manager Crop and Health Care based at Croda do Brasil, Campinas. Dra. Leticia Ortega says “The presentation on bioavailability was very interesting and dynamic with excellent content and for this reason we wanted it to form part of the conference at our university”. Croda is committed to the science of formulation and offers its customers the opportunity to attend practical academies and workshops across its global network.


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