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Nitto Avecia Oligonucleotide and Small Molecule Services


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Nitto Avecia, a market leader with more than 20 years’ experience, brings you unparalleled oligonucleotide manufacturing and related services to support your oligo programs throughout their lifecycle. Having produced more than 1,000 oligonucleotides of every type, Nitto Avecia stands ready to handle your process development, analytical, or manufacturing challenge. Two FDA-inspected cGMP facilities ensure you receive a reliable supply of quality oligo APIs, whether antisense, siRNA, aptamers, immunostimulants, or miRNA, at any scale.

Nitto Avecia’s leadership and expertise, developed over two decades, provide you with the support and guidance required to carry out even your most demanding oligonucleotide and small molecule development and manufacturing programs. Known for transparency and accountability, we apply our extensive knowledge to guide your A ...