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Novasep global solutions for the manufacture of synthetic molecules More than a CMO…



Novasep develops, markets and operates innovative technologiesto produce synthetic molecules and biomolecules from lab toindustrial scale. We have developed a unique business modelto meet the challenging manufacturing needs of thepharmaceutical, agrochemical, cosmetic, and fine chemicalindustries for producing synthetic molecules. Novasep Synthesis’solutions include:

  • Process development services: multi-step synthesis and/orpurification
  • Exclusive synthesis and/or custom purification services,for your outsourcing needs,• Supply of proprietary products, including reagents, buildingblocks and generic APIs
  • Supply of chromatography equipment and systems, toinsource the production of your active molecules

In addition, our knowledge in regulatory affairs will provide youwith an efficient strategy for EU and US DMF filings or CMCdrafting to ensure fast registration of your API.


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