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Novel biopolymer additive providing protection to garments

Croda Europe Home care, Cowick hall, Snaith, Goole, East Yorkshire DN14 9AA, United Kingdom


Consumers are becoming smarter over their purchasing choices and are seeking greater value from the products that they buy. Fabric softeners have traditionally been sold purely on providing a nice fragrance and softer handle with little else in the way of innovation in this segment. Now, a new fabric conditioning additive from Croda Home care promises fabrics full of life, thanks to its innovative biopolymer technology. Coltide™ Radiance is proven to protect against colour fade, greying of whites, as well as damage to fabrics and fibres, resulting in clothes looking newer and more radiant for longer. What’s more, all these benefits are gained at very low inclusion levels, making Coltide Radiance extremely cost effective in use.


A novel ingredient has been developed by Croda of which deliver the following benefits:

  • Colour protection
  • Reduced colour transfer
  • Anti-greying of white fabrics
  • Fabric protection
  • Fibre protection

This newly developed product, Coltide Radiance, has been shown to provide all of the above claims when used as part of a fabric conditioner formulation during the washing process. Coltide Radiance and its related compounds can be used in a range of formulations including, but not limited to, dilute and concentrated fabric conditioners. Coltide Radiance is a new modified biopolymer, which has been specifically designed to give increased substantivity to fabrics and fibres. This improvement in adhesion means better performance at lower levels can be achieved, making the product ideal for concentrated fabric softeners where formulation space is minimal. The benefits occur and are compatible when used in conjunction with any type of standard conditioner quaternised softener.

Coltide Radiance is a bifunctionalised protein ...