Panel Discussion on Peptides – Commentary article


Member of the Scientific Advisory Board – Chimica Oggi / Chemistry Today


A virtual panel of experts in various aspects of oligonucleotide drug development share their thoughts on hot topics in the industry. Discussions on personalized medicine, drug delivery, contract manufacturing, stereochemically pure oligonucleotides, and regulatory guidance are included.

Oligonucleotide Drug Development

The US TIDES conference is one of the more important events in the field of oligonucleotide drug development since it brings together such a diverse group of delegates. Conference participants include drug sponsors, contract manufacturers, raw material suppliers, service providers, consultants, academics, and members of regulatory agencies. This intersection of expertise makes the conference an excellent place to exchange ideas and discuss the latest developments in the field. The publishers of Chimica Oggi-Chemistry Today time the publication of the special monograph issue on oligonucleotides and peptides to coincide with the US TIDES conference. As the 2019 conference delegates prepare to convene in San Diego, the publisher took this opportunity to gather a virtual panel of experts involved in various aspects of oligonucleotide drug development to ask them their thoughts on some of the hot topics in the industry.

Personalized medicine is a topic garnering much attention throughout the healthcare sector including the oligonucleotide field. DNA testing and genome sequencing are now becoming ...