Opportunity to showcase excellence and drive forward industry standards: the CPhI Pharma Awards – A perspective from inside out: the opinion of Girish Malhotra, President EPCOT International


President EPCOT International, 29150 Bryce Road Pepper Pike, OH 44124, USA 


CPhI awards pharmaceutical companies an excellent opportunity to recognize best of the best practices. Ensuing competition should make drugs more affordable

CPhI Annual Awards are interesting platforms to present/show case the latest advancements and strategies companies are using to better serve the global pharmaceutical needs. Twelve awards cover a wide spectrum of the events in the hierarchy of drugs from cradle to patient. I believe it is great idea to recognize the best. The categories are:


My hope is the ensuing competition might encourage good to great things in the whole pharmaceutical drug development to patient chain. My perspective is that companies should strive for excellence from within and from the outside. Except for CEO of the Year, in every other category it would be wonderful if the entrants to show case their methods, achievements and processes that are commercial and approved by regulatory bodies. Anything short of technology, method or process that is not commercial and has not been approved by the regulators should not be submitted. In some cases regulatory approval might not be necessary. In every submission companies should showcase their improvement over their current practice or competitor’s practice.

Commercial acceptance is very valuable. It is very important that entries ...