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The Panel Discussion that characterize this Special Supplement to Chimica Oggi – Chemistry Today is dedicated to the Catalysis and Biocatalysis. Some of the main companies focused in these sectors seated around a virtual to express their opinion whether the future belongs to catalisys or biocatalysis.

The following players have joined the initiative: Codexis, Johnson Matthey, Solvias, Umicore and Zymtronix. You will find hereafter really interesting views and opinions regarding the continuous evolution of chemocatalysis, artificial enzymes, new technologies enabling the running of both catalysis and biocatalysis and tailored-processes.

Enjoy the reading.

TKS Publisher Editorial Board

Biocatalysis: When and How to Employ

Jim Lalonde 
Senior Vice President of R&D

"Smart libraries” of mutational library variants can be produced using automated PCR methods"

The field of Biocatalysis for the manufacture of pharmaceutical APIs and intermediates has progressed rapidly in the last few years with many recent commercial applications for APIs such as sitagliptin, atorvastatin, simvastatin and crizotinib (1).  This progression can be attributed to the convergence of several technology advancements (2).  When contemplating when and how to incorporate a biocatalytic step in the synthesis of an API, there are several considerations.  Certain transformations are so well e ... ...

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