In this issue, we present a Panel Discussion on manufacturing using flow chemistry. This topic is of particular interest as the importance of micro reactor technology and flow chemistry in industrial manufacturing is rapidly rising; we have testimony of this because of the high number of companies that showed willingness to participate in this discussion around a virtual table. 

The following players have joined the initiative:


Ulrich Wietelmann, Manager Business Development & Innovations Lithium Specialties and Battery Materials - Albemarle

Why change from batch to flow?

Flow chemistry serves to achieve process intensification and it is an efficient tool to implement green chemistry principles. Frequently, the reaction concentration can be increased and higher room/time yield be achieved hence. Besides process intensification, there are safety advantages for the case of toxic or thermally labile materials involved and/or high exothermicity of the reaction. Energy savings are realized due to less specific cooling needs.

Finally, there are yields improvements, better product pu ... ...