The Panel Discussion that characterize this issue is focused on Flow Chemistry.

This time we asked some players of this industry to express their opinion on many different themes that are recognized as hot topics for the present and future of Flow Chemistry.

Among the companies that have been asked to participate to this virtual table, we got the participation of AM Technology, Chemtrix, Corning Reactor Technologies, InnoSyn, Kobe Steel, La Mesta, Microinnova,Vapourtec, Ypso-Facto, Zaiput Flow Technologies.

The panelists have been involved on topics like analytical tools for the realtime monitoring of chemical reactions in microfluidic processes, test developments in the employment of additive manufacturing, 3D printing technology for the manufacturing of continuous-flow reactors and photochemistry.

We provide you readers with their opinions hereafter. Enjoy the reading.

For the July/August issue we are preparing a Panel Discussion on Custom Synthesis and Contract Manufacturing

Stay tuned!



Modelling and process control in flow reactors

Managing Director
AM Technology

In a flow reactor, time is a function of distance through the reactor"

Flow reactors process multiple reactor volumes without interruption and this makes them inherently more productive that their batch counterparts. Higher productivity contributes to scale reduction which brings the associated benefits of improved performance, lower energy use, smaller plant footprint, reduced risk and lower fugitive emissions. Given these advantages, faster uptake of flow processing might have been expected. In the background however progress is also linked to hardware development and particularly in areas around scalability, fluid transfer and flow control.  Current market growth c ... ...