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Panel Discussion on Healthy Lifestyle


In this issue, we present a Panel Discussion on Healthy Lifestyle. Experts from food ingredients companies have been invited to participate around a virtual table and discuss about consumer awareness and demands related to healthy nutrition, the greatest scientific advances in nutritional sciences with a focus on the hottest ingredient, the need for clinical studies towards specific ingredients and target groups and most of all about the major trends that are influencing consumer lifestyle and the consequences for consumer nutrition.

The following players have joined the initiative:

Member of Agro Food Industry Hi tech Scientific Advisory Board




A converging series of market trends are accelerating changes to our lifestyle. Worldwide, a growing middle class has better access to food, information and medical care. The way we communicate, work and spend our free time has dramatically changed, and is becoming increasingly ‘digital’. Furthermore, there is an increasing awareness that we must reduce the ecological footprint of a growing human population if we want modern lifestyles to become sustainable.


In the following Panel Discussion, food and nutritional experts give their view on how these and other trends are affecting consumer behavior, and how the industry is responding with the development of new products, services and business models.


Healthy nutrition is a key element in the prevention of lifestyle-associated d ... ...

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