Panel discussion on PACKAGING


Taking care of the planet is now an essential part of the packaging design process that can no longer be associated as a generator of bulky waste. Definitely, the dream of packaging partner is a reality where all the packs offer a good combination between technical and personalization and, that winner team, allows to rethink the patient’s place in the whole care process.

Packaging as a true partner for patients. Dream or reality?

Pharmaceutical market, as main elements

First of all, it should not be forgotten that all the innovative systems, products and forms involve various fabrication techniques that can be retrieved either in cosmetic, food, pharmacy or in fine chemical industries. Definitely, all researchers and developers can really be associated whatever their fields, and this interdisciplinary approach directly benefits consumers.


From the last 2020 figures, the PharmaWorld presents a good health, as worldwide sales for 2019 totalled €1,106 billion, reflecting year-on-year growth of 5%. Looking to geographical repartition, the USA remains the largest market (47.5% of all sales) far ahead of the European (23.5%), or Asian Pacific markets (22,5%). All the drugs and Health products are highly regulated, depending on the country and whether it is a ‘prescribed drug’ or an ‘Other the Counter (OTC)’ form. A large diversity can be observed following the route of administration, type of ...