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According to the official definition, probiotics are “live microorganisms that, when administered in adequate amounts, confer a health benefit on the host”. Companies are isolating strains to help with different physiological conditions from digestive health, weight management, sport performance, immune health, skin health issues etc.

In the next few pages, key players in the Probiotics field have been invited to enter into details of the role of diet on the functionality of the microbiome and of how probiotics could fit in consumers’ health regimen. Challenges and opportunities are indicated.



Barry Skillington 
Chief Commercial Officer
Atlantia Food Clinical Trials


As one of Europe’s leading clinical trials companies, specialising in food supplements and beverages, Atlantia Food Clinical Trials is well poised to identify trends that are developing in key health areas. With our vast experience in digestive health, pre- and pro biotics, we’re delighted to see probiotic research progressing to new scientific heights. Companies all over the world are looking at the microbiome and how it impacts on all stages of life.

As a direct result of this research, consumers can now enjoy products such as infant formula containing prebiotic blends that mimic breast milk, and proliferate beneficial bacteria during that al ... ...

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